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Agent Resources

Floortime, Conference Room, Calendars, Lead Form For Shifts, & Contact Info For Questions

• Book Airport Floortime: Click Here. View the calendar: Click Here. Please note this is 4 hour shifts and it allows two people to book each slot. 

• Book Showroom & Phone Floortime: Click Here. View the calendar: Click Here. Please note this is 4 hour shifts and only allows one person to book each slot.

• Book Village Conference Room: Click Here. View the calendar: Click Here

• View Epic Event/Training Calendar: Click Here.

Google form to enter in leads you got from the Showroom & Airport shifts: Click Here.

Call 208-202-4029 or email for help or any questions you may have.

Accessing Offices

There is a lockbox hanging in the artificial tree right outside the Upstairs Village Office. When you open the lockbox, it will ask for a CBS code. The code is “VILLAGE” in numbers (8455243). After entering the code, you have to press the lockbox for a second time. There is a key for the showroom and a key for the office. The one with the American flag design goes to the showroom.

There are also showroom keys available inside the showroom, underneath the coffee machine. Please ensure keys are returned that same day after a shift, if not the next day BUT MAX no more than 48 hours later. This will ensure there is a key available for the next person needing to lock up the showroom.

Monthly Company Meeting

We have a company meeting once a month. It is held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at Big Al’s. We have a meeting from 11:00 - 12:00 followed by lunch and bowling. 


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Showroom/Airport/Tech Instructions


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Marketing Material 

Skyview Demo: Click Here.

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