Exploring Kuna

Take a drive directly south of Meridian about 10 miles and you’ll run straight into the growing town of Kuna. 

Kuna, Idaho

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18 Miles




Take a drive directly south of Meridian about 10 miles and you’ll run straight into the growing town of Kuna. At first observation when crossing over into Kuna at the Entering Kuna sign, after the distraction of the Lineman College, are the number of farmlands in this area. Passing acres upon acres of corn as tall as your single level home, you would never guess Kuna is the fastest growing city in the Treasure Valley. A little further down the road, however, a very different story is unfolding. 

Home builders saw the potential years ago and many are now building residential and luxury communities in Kuna, attracting a whole new demographic to the area. The big draw is low home prices and convenience. Home prices in Kuna are far less than in neighboring Meridian, yet Meridian is just an easy 10-15 minute drive away. 

However, as the City of Kuna grows at a rapid pace, commercial businesses are coming just as quickly. Just in the past year several chain restaurants and fast food establishments have opened in Kuna. Grocery and retails stores have taken the place of agriculture lots. Gas stations and convenience stores seem to be popping up on every major corner. As these businesses continue to come, Kuna becomes more self-contained and residents will be able to find what they need in their own lovely community. 


Although most people discover Kuna because of the lower home prices, once here they immediately fall in love with it. Despite the rapid growth, Kuna has a country setting and rural roots. The scenery is breathtaking which inspires families to get outdoors and walk the nature paths and explore neighborhood parks. Perhaps it’s the ambiance of the area that invites folks to be friendlier here, holding the door open for others, looking people in the eye, and saying hello to strangers. 

And because most of the developments are tucked-in and surrounded by farmland, there is a peace and quiet you get that you won’t find in the larger cities 


The beauty of living in a small, growing town is that you are part of the old and the new. Experience the old-fashioned fun of a country carnival at Kuna Days held the second weekend in August. This two-day festival celebrates the history of Kuna. Taking place at Bernie Fisher Park in Downtown, this is an event the entire town shows up for. There are vendors of every kind, selling crafts and painting faces. There is a food-truck alley and a beer garden. Games and rides. Musicians and performers. Free bounce houses for the kids. A parade and the festivities close each night with a spectacular fireworks display. 

Residents come out in droves and stand shoulder-to-shoulder, embracing the cold to enjoy the Down Home Country Christmas parade on Main Street. Floats are lit-up in holiday glow, throwing candy to kids and blasting Christmas music as they pass by. The event concludes at Bernie Fisher Park where residents count down to the city’s lighting of the Christmas tree. 

And revitalization is taking place in Kuna’s Downtown area. City officials want to make Downtown a destination for locals and visitors. New street lamps and sidewalks have already been upgraded. The new KUNA! structure on Avenue E is part of the revitalization project and they are looking to add more art projects in the second phase bringing that hometown feel to downtown. As businesses on Main Street upgrade their exterior, along with community parades, the mom-and-pop shops, unique restaurants and nightlife, people will want to visit and hang-out in Downtown Kuna. 

And we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the river float on Indian Creek. This is the best local secret in the Treasure Valley. Forget the long pump lines and crowds on the Boise River. Grab your tube and some friends and hop in the Indian Creek at Strobel Road for a great 45-minute float down this fun, fast flowing river. Don’t let the word “creek” fool you. While there are sections of a relaxing float, there are also few rapids that will get the adrenaline going. 


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